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Where innovation meets efficiency in the realm of system integration. At Myriad, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, providing comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate disparate systems, optimizing operations for enhanced productivity.

Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering customized automation solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business. From industrial automation and control systems to intelligent data analytics and IoT integration, Myriad Automation Solutions offers a diverse range of services and products to empower your organization in the digital era. We strive to be your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of modern technology, ensuring that your systems work cohesively to drive success.

Our Services

We are a high-level service provider.

PLC Programming

We specialise in PLC programming, tailoring intelligent automation solutions to enhance efficiency, precision, and control in diverse industrial processes.

SCADA Design

Boost operations with our expert SCADA design. Seamlessly monitor, control, and optimize processes for enhanced efficiency and informed decision-making.

Panel Design & Building

Crafting precision-engineered electrical panels, we design and build tailored solutions that optimise performance, enhance safety, and empower control across diverse industrial applications.

Remote Support

Empowering clients globally, our remote support service ensures swift troubleshooting, updates and technical assistance, transcending distances for seamless system optimization.

Data Capturing & Reporting

Elevate insights with our data capturing and reporting service. Uncover trends, make informed decisions and drive success through intuitive analytics.

Instrumentation Calibration with Certification

Precision Perfected: Enhance your systems with our expert instrumentation calibration and certification. Ensure peak performance and compliance.

Industrial Repairs

Revitalise your industrial systems with our expert repair service. Specialising in PLC’s, HMI/Industrial computers and VFD’s.

Join us on the journey towards a connected and automated future with Myriad Automation Solutions.

Myriad Automation Solutions

Brands & Products

SICK Automation offers a diverse selection of products across various categories, including industrial sensors (photoelectric, proximity, ultrasonic), safety systems (light curtains, safety switches, area scanners), machine vision solutions (vision sensors, cameras), automatic identification technology (barcode scanners, RFID systems), and gas analyzers. These solutions cater to a wide range of industries, ensuring safety, efficiency, and reliable automation for businesses worldwide.

Moxa specializes in offering a comprehensive range of products encompassing industrial networking solutions (industrial Ethernet switches, wireless solutions), industrial computing (industrial computers, serial device servers), and industrial automation (I/O solutions, programmable controllers). These product categories provide robust and reliable connectivity, computing, and automation solutions tailored to enhance the efficiency and performance of various industrial applications.

Rockwell Automation provides a wide spectrum of products in categories such as industrial control (PLCs, HMI panels), motion control (servo drives, motors), industrial networking (Ethernet switches, routers), and safety solutions (safety relays, controllers). Additionally, they offer software solutions for manufacturing operations management and industrial analytics, serving industries globally with integrated automation and digitalization products to optimize processes and drive productivity.

LS Industrial Systems offers an extensive range of products in diverse categories including industrial automation (PLCs, HMIs), power distribution (circuit breakers, contactors), smart energy solutions (solar inverters, energy storage systems), and motor drives (AC drives, servo drives). These product lines cater to various industries, providing reliable and efficient solutions for automation, energy management, and power distribution needs, contributing to enhanced operational performance.

Siemens Automation offers a comprehensive array of products encompassing industrial automation (PLCs, HMIs, SCADA), drives and motors (variable frequency drives, servo motors), industrial communication (industrial Ethernet, industrial wireless), and process control (process automation systems, distributed control systems). These product categories provide advanced solutions for industrial digitalization, automation, and control, serving diverse sectors with innovative technology and optimized operational efficiency.

Mitsubishi Electric provides a diverse range of products including factory automation (PLCs, HMIs), air conditioning and heating systems (split ACs, heat pumps), power distribution and control (LV switchgear, circuit breakers), visual and display systems (LCD panels, projectors), and automotive equipment (inverters, motors). These product categories offer advanced technology and solutions for industries, homes, and transportation, contributing to global progress and innovation.

Phoenix Contact offers an extensive range of products including industrial and device connectors, terminal blocks, power supplies, industrial automation solutions (PLCs, HMIs), surge protection devices, industrial Ethernet solutions, and electronic housings. These categories provide comprehensive connectivity, control, and protection solutions, ensuring reliable and efficient operation in various industries, from manufacturing and energy to transportation and infrastructure.

Endress+Hauser offers a comprehensive array of process measurement and automation products, spanning categories such as level measurement (radar, ultrasonic), flow measurement (coriolis, electromagnetic), pressure measurement (transmitters, switches), temperature measurement (thermometers, transmitters), and analytical instruments (pH, conductivity) for precise industrial process optimization.

Myriad Automation Solutions


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